has made a monster out of me! [infographic]

my facebook monster infographic

I heart infographics. You know, those mostly rectangular eye-candy graphics representing otherwise bland bits of data in a fun way. If you hang out on Pinterest long enough, you'll see what I mean. Check out my bloggish / webbish / techish board on Pinterest to see some examples that I liked. Look for the tall skinny pins :-).

Infographics are so fun that I’ve decided to create my own about a unique topic for an upcoming blog post. I’m no designer but I love data and have a creative side, so why not? In my quest to find data and easy-to-use tools and I stumbled across a gem of a site named is a repository of sorts for infographics where you can search infographics and their sources and also submit your own infographics for community comments.

Most intriguingly, is creating tools to make your own customizable infographics. In the meantime though, they have some just-for-fun infographics that you can create based upon information from your Twitter and Facebook accounts. So, what kind of Facebook monster am I? Check out my nifty infographic to find out!

I’ll be checking back with with great interest to see the status of their soon-to-be expanded infographic tools. In the meantime, I’ll figure out how to cobble one together myself and keep you posted!

Have you used What did you think? Are there other infographic tools that you’d recommend? I’d love to read your thoughts and suggestions below :-).


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