Twitter Jitter | 3 Things You Need to Know as a Twitter Newbie

For a long time, I just didn’t GET Twitter. Yeah, yeah I know … what’s new or interesting in 140 characters or less. The explanation that clicked the most for me was describing the tweet process as microblogging. Blogging, I get. Seeing Twitter as a quick-and-dirty way to blog and connect with an audience made a lot of sense.

Now, I’ve dabbled in Twitter. I’ve tweeted here and there. I’ve followed a few people. But I’ve never really done much more than stick my proverbial big toe in the water. Lately, though, I’ve had a renewed interest in Twitter. Not just Twitter itself but the interaction between it and Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. And what I have found out is that there is a LOT more to the art of tweeting than just 140 characters. How often should I tweet? Should I link my tweets to Facebook? LinkedIn? Should I schedule my tweets? It’s enough to make my head spin, honestly.

So, I took my newbie self and went on a quest for more information on the art of Twitter. And this is what I found out.

  1. How often? There are a lot of opinions out there but what I have gleaned from sources like
    Buffer Twitter Tips Blog and SplashMedia is that the frequency of tweets doesn’t matter as much as the tweet value. Provide useful information to your audience. As a Twitter newbie, I think I am going to take it slow for now. I’ll shoot for a few tweets per day.
  2. Should I link my tweets to other accounts? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest (my new favorite) make it simple to connect accounts together. Trust me, I tried it. I got all excited and connected my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts so that I could tweet once and my updates would automatically appear all 3 places. I have learned, though, that just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Twitter and Facebook are very different; though very frequent tweeting is expected on Twitter because of its informal nature, Facebook is much more personal and your friends won’t appreciate feeling spammed by your frequent tweets. Yesterday, I was a tweeting maniac and was good with it … until I started feeling that this didn’t play all that well on Facebook, so today I disconnected my accounts.
  3. Should I schedule my tweets? I have often wondered how some people manage to tweet so OFTEN. Then it dawned on me that there must be a way to schedule tweets. And it didn’t take me long to realize that, not only is it possible to schedule tweets but that there are both fans and detractors. There are actually a lot of tools out there to help you with this. Yesterday, I gave Twuffer a try. In minutes, I was scheduling my first tweets. I mentioned above that I was a tweeting maniac yesterday; Twuffer was the enabler to that mania :-). I have to admit that it was way cool. From my very new perspective, I think that scheduling strategic and valuable tweets is incredibly useful. I will continue experimenting with scheduling tweets.
twuffer screen shot


Wow. I have just scratched the surface of Twitter. There is a lot to know and newbies (like me) should tread carefully, tweet cautiously and learn everything possible about the dos and don’ts of Twitter before diving in.

Do you use Twitter? What other suggestions do you have for Twitter newbies? I’d love to read your thoughts and suggestions below 🙂.


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