I’m no dummy! A book review: Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies by Joshua Waldman

"Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies" by Joshua Waldman

Why am I reviewing this book?
This book’s focus really spoke to me and I just had to read it. My current job search has been connected to social media like never before and my interest in both is at an all-time high at the moment.   And if I am interested in it, surely others will be interested. Heck, that is why I started this blog!

Disclosure: There isn’t anything to disclose ;-). I read this book and am reviewing it just because I feel like it. While I read this book on my Kindle Fire, I have no relationship with Amazon other than being an avid fan and customer.

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Visual.ly has made a monster out of me! [infographic]

my facebook monster infographic

I heart infographics. You know, those mostly rectangular eye-candy graphics representing otherwise bland bits of data in a fun way. If you hang out on Pinterest long enough, you'll see what I mean. Check out my bloggish / webbish / techish board on Pinterest to see some examples that I liked. Look for the tall skinny pins :-).

Infographics are so fun that I’ve decided to create my own about a unique topic for an upcoming blog post. I’m no designer but I love data and have a creative side, so why not? In my quest to find data and easy-to-use tools and I stumbled across a gem of a site named visual.ly.

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Lots to read online? Stick it in your “Pocket” (and get to it later).

Do you have too much to read and not enough time? Do you stumble onto great content via Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter on your smartphone or tablet then lose track of it? Are your bookmarks scattered across multiple devices and hard to manage?  I had the same annoying problem and then I found Pocket!

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Tailor Your Resume the Visual Way (Using Wordle)

Tailoring your resume for every job application takes forever. And it is completely necessary. Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. I know this from personal experience.

I recently posted about using Wordle to quick-check my resume’s message. While applying for an interesting position a few days ago, an idea came to me. Why not use Wordle to compare and contrast the job description to my resume? Being a visual person, I found this simple exercise to be super-helpful.

job description Wordled

An open position description, Wordled.

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Hash Stash: Get Your Tweets Found with Hashtags

I am obsessed with Twitter. There, I said it. I am over my twitter jitter and my new crush is on hashtags. So, what are hashtags? How should they be used?


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Twitter Jitter | 3 Things You Need to Know as a Twitter Newbie

For a long time, I just didn’t GET Twitter. Yeah, yeah I know … what’s new or interesting in 140 characters or less. The explanation that clicked the most for me was describing the tweet process as microblogging. Blogging, I get. Seeing Twitter as a quick-and-dirty way to blog and connect with an audience made a lot of sense.

Now, I’ve dabbled in Twitter. I’ve tweeted here and there. I’ve followed a few people. But I’ve never really done much more than stick my proverbial big toe in the water. Lately, though, I’ve had a renewed interest in Twitter. Not just Twitter itself but the interaction between it and Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. And what I have found out is that there is a LOT more to the art of tweeting than just 140 characters. Read the rest of this entry »


Have you heard of Wordle? Wordle is a site that generates word “clouds” based upon the user’s input and displays frequent words more prominently within this cloud. Just for fun, I input my resume text to see what would would happen. Apparently, development, system, teams, technology, clients, project and manager are notable from my resume’s content. That sounds about right to me.

Give it a try and see if the results match what you expected. You might be surprised!



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